Special Eve Hamper

Special Eve Hamper

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Festive season has finally come, and we're going to introduce our Special Eve Hamper, where we have arranged best Christmas season gifts that are designed to bring happiness and long lasting memories that we will keep for our Year 2017.

Special Eve Hamper will be a most perfect gift for people you love and care and who you would love to celebrate together this Christmas.


The arrangement includes:

Preserved Floral Bouquet - Handmade from our studio, this bouquet is arranged with high quality preserved roses, freesia and other florals that will last longer than a year and be a perfect keepsake. Simply use it as a wall flower or put it on a vase to decorate your place.

This Work's Sleep Together (Limited edition) wrapped in Bespoke Letterpress' hand drawn illustration gift wrapTo enjoy festive season, getting a good night sleep is essential. Found by the former Health and Beauty Director of Vogue UK, This Works introduces their best-selling Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and Deep Sleep Breathe In which are made out of natural, aromatherapeutic superblend of lavender, vetivert and camomile. A simple spray on your pillow or bed cover will help you fall asleep faster and wake feeling more refreshed, and get you ready for another day of celebration and festivities!

A standing felt cone tree (34cm height)A Christmas tree made out of soft ivory felt, a wooden star and gold strings to add a finishing sparkle. This can be a perfect minimal alternative to a Christmas tree which you can put it on your office desk, console, bedroom or anywhere you want to add a Christmas mood.

Jules Destrooper Biscuits (x2) - Jules Destrooper has been creating premium quality biscuits since 1886, by using only 100% natural ingredients without preservatives, colourings or artificial flavourings and are well known for their refined taste, crispy texture and sensational flavour. In our Special Eve, we have included two of the best Jules Destrooper biscuits

  • Butter Crisp: In Belgium, Butter Waffles/Crisps were traditionally baked around the New Year as they were known to be bringing good luck. Made out of summer butter, sugar, eggs and flour, this biscuit is designed for those who love the rich taste of butter and caramelised sugar.
  • Belgian Chocolate Crisp: A thin biscuit, made with candy sugar and summer butter, which comes in three Belgian chocolate flavours. Each variety has its own unique taste experience - from warm-hearted to mild and gently bitter, to creamy and with a hint of caramel. A perfect biscuit to share with people you love.

    The Hummingbird Card from Peter Pauper - A high quality linen-finished message card with jewel-hued hummingbird on an ivory background with a ruby/gold foil border which will keep your special message inside.

    Gorgeous hand-woven basketThis basket can be reused to store fruits, toys, or any other household items. 


    Tell us the colour he/she loves, the style he/she is into, or anything that he/she loves by putting it into a cart message. We will take his/her tastes into consideration when creating your bespoke bouquet.